Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Still Here. Mostly.

Whoa. I am now in the midst of a landslide of days and deadlines, which shows no signs of ceasing, though it will relent come summertime.  You guessed it -- it's the fourth quarter, and we're down to about six weeks left of school. The seniors gasp every time I erase another day from the countdown on my board. The "carpe diem" concept was endearing when we studied Herrick earlier this year, but back then, the sun was still rising; now they feel it setting, as do I.  It's a bittersweet time.  They're trying to hold on and let go.

I've been stealing moments here and there -- and they are quite rare these days -- to work on layouts, and I've been finding that my nostalgia has been finding its way onto my pages.  Case in point: my latest layout for Two Peas in a Bucket goes all the way back in utero. 
This month's Garden theme is milestones, and this week's "Moments" focus had me thinking back to one of the defining moments of my life -- seeing these ultrasound photos of my daughter. Even though I have scrapbooked these photos already (in an album about my pregnancy and my daughter's first year), returning to them all these years later has made me see them from a different perspective. 

This goes to show that there is more to scrapbooking than just getting something scrapped and checking it off a list -- "done."  We will never be caught up. We can return to our memories over and over, and each time we revisit them, we are someone different.  


  1. Definitely nostalgic! At first I thought there was something you weren't telling us. So interesting to journal in retrospect as I bet at the time you didn't feel up to it and would have been feeling so rough. Love all the details as usual.

  2. This layout is pretty!
    I loved it!

  3. I love this! I know I say it over and over but I'm so amazed at how many details and elements you get on a page and it just looks perfect. You amaze me Jill:)!!

  4. Yeah, that's really good. I get that. I love the idea of revisiting important memories and scrapping them again from a different perspective. Love it!
    And an awesome layout too (of course!!)

  5. love your comment about never being 'caught-up' and always seeing soemthing from a different perspective. I totally agree, and just found that out when I started to (finally) complete the journaling on pages I made about a trip I took with my BF 10 years ago right after we met- it's definitely a different perspective now than when I originally scrapped it!