Thursday, May 15, 2014

Embracing My Inner Cat Lady

Yet another cat page...
When my mom remarried, she took my her my Cleo with her, and so each time I visit my mom's house, I am always sure to spend some quality time with Miss C. She is, in fact, twenty. She's still a looker. She still sounds more like a sheep (baa-a-a-a-a) than a cat. She still digs the ear rubs and the behind-the-ear rubs. She still loses her mind over turkey. 

It's probably for the best that she doesn't live with us any longer. I tend to give in to her craving for sunshine, and whenever I cat-sit, I return her to my mom as a brown cat instead of a white one. 

Sigh...I love cats. I need at least five more. 


  1. Love the stitching around the photo and if course the layout and the adorable kitty! 20' I hope my little guy makes it that long, my previous lived till 14 and it was the saddest day of my life (I'm only 27) ha! Cats are the best!!!

  2. what a BEAUTIFUL page--GREAT clocks and your kitty is a looker! ;) My dog lived with my parents when I went on my mission, college and got married. But EACH time I came home as a visitor--she KNEW I was HER girl, so YES, she was STILL my dog!

  3. She's a pretty girl!!! Old cats are so special. :)