Monday, May 12, 2014

Hey Brother.

Yesterday was Mother's Day, a holiday that, for me, is not just about a mothers, but about families. It turned out to be a Mother's Day weekend 'round here, starting with dinner on Friday night with my mom and aunt, progressing to lunch on Saturday with the kid, and continuing into a movie day on Sunday with the fam. It turns out that Mother's Day is more of a weekend than an actual day. 

One of the topics that my mother and I discussed when we got together this weekend was my uncle, who, after my grandmother passed away last year, has been in my mother's care. I am in awe of her patience and the fact that even when she must be frustrated, she never gives up hope. I suppose that all started young, with the values imparted to her by her parents. 
This layout expresses my gratitude and admiration for the two sisters in this photo -- my mom and my aunt. Together, they continue to care for their younger brother. 
Having a brother with special needs actually made these two girls stronger and more loving individuals, and I continue to see the evidence of this today. That love has impacted me, and in turn, helped to shape the love that I share with my family.  Some may think that having a child with special needs is a burden, but it can also be a blessing, imparting gifts of empathy, gentleness, resilience, patience, and perseverance. 

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  1. what a BEAUTIFUL tribute to family--WONDERFUL page!