Saturday, May 17, 2014

Summer, Soon.

With one week left of classes to go, I know that I am not the only one counting down the days around here. On a typical school campus, "summer" is used interchangeably with "freedom," but as for me, it is synonymous with "scrapping." Summer scrapping is the best kind of scrapping, and hints of that show up in my latest layout for JBS Mercantile.
Not long ago, we got to spend a morning at Lanikai Beach, which recently was noted for being one of the world's top ten best beaches.  It's really quite lovely.  The sand there is so soft, and so different from the kind that I am using to seeing at the beach here, since most of the beaches that I go to are on the North Shore.  I actually prefer the coarse texture of North Shore sand.  Still, compared to the average North Shore beach, Lanikai is so calm, and the water is so very clear. 

Can you tell I'm in a beachy mood?  :)  I am anything BUT tan at the moment. Summer can't come soon enough! 
Returning to the topic of summer scrapping, I just placed an order at Two Peas for some goodies to start me off when the end of May rolls around.  Here's a peek at what went into my cart, starting with lots of new My Mind's Eye (at 20% off right now!)
That last paper will be put to good use, I hope!  More on that later. :)  Given the potential for travel, I went crazy for the new Chic Tags goodies: 
I also treated myself to some summery Two Peas flair and wood veneer: 
As a teacher to seniors, summer officially begins for me the moment the Class of 2014 graduates. Knowing that I will most definitely be creating a layout to document the occasion, I also got the last of the Doodlebug grad cap washi tape, but here's hoping more will be in stock soon.
It's so strange to be heading toward an ending and a beginning.  I'm hopeful about both!


  1. Totally agree with you on summer scrapping. I normally take a Project Life style approach to my summer photos as there's just so much I want to fit into my albums! Lovely layout and also love your Two Peas haul. I've been wanting to place an order for the longest time, but shipping to the UK is so expensive.

  2. BEAUTIFULY summery layout--we are on the count down as well--looking forward to NO real schedule! YAHOO!!

  3. Super cute! Looks so bright and happy!

  4. I'm feeling very un-inspired, so taking a trip to your blog today to remedy that. :)
    Not only are you talented but you have fantastic taste in scrapping supplies. :)