Monday, June 9, 2014

Spending My Time

The first week of summer has come and gone, but not without being documented in this week's "Storytellers" video, via Two Peas in a Bucket:
My task was to use time to help to tell the story, and I tried my best to do so using a combination of words and elements. I'm a wee bit obsessed with clocks, calendars, and other time-related accents, as is probably evident to you by now, if you've ever looked at my pages. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I see scrapbooking as a way of momentarily freezing time, of extending and preserving moments -- which is, I suppose, an illusion, but it doesn't stop me from trying. 

I probably shouldn't be writing this post in my current state, having just arrived home after watching The Fault in Our Stars. Although I still can't get over how bizarre it is to have teenagers spouting philosophy and articulating the complexity of their lives and their understanding of mortality so eloquently, I'm all for the willing suspension of disbelief because I am, after all, the bearer of a beating heart that is not made of stone. 

I actually liked the movie, which did the book justice. Not every bit of the book made it into the movie, understandably, but the spirit of the book and its characters sure did. My husband actually suggested that we go to watch it together, which had me mystified. He didn't even dismiss it as a "chick flick," he didn't even fall asleep, and he didn't even mind talking about it on the way home. Strange. Maybe he's trying to earn husband points.  He made an excellent point about Augustus Waters, though -- there isn't really an explanation for him. He's just this amazing guy who says all the right things and does all the right things and loves and loves and loves unconditionally and thus, seems implausible. His one fault is -- well, the title alludes to it. The movie doesn't really give him much of a backstory -- it just delivers him up to Hazel Grace, miraculously.  He is absolutely endearing, and necessarily so. He was designed to be "for" the heroine and "for" the reader/viewer.

Still, once again, I will declare the willing suspension of disbelief and will, if I have to choose, don a Team Augustus shirt.  As far as fantastic creatures go, he's preferable to a vampire or werewolf. 

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  1. I so relate to this post! Love that time just shifts in the summer (thank God!) Here's wishing you a beautiful full moon night.
    ;) glee