Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Blurb Book

Before I began this blog, I had a personal blog that I shared with my friends and family members, to keep them updated on our everyday lives. A few weeks ago I learned about a blogger who had lost all of her content -- unthinkable, right? -- and I decided to take action, in the form of converting my blog into book form.

I considered the options and put a few feelers out on Facebook and the SC message board, and finally settled upon  The process of creating the book was a bit of an ordeal, I must admit, but the BookSmart software was ever so helpful. Since my blog contained two years of near-daily posts and almost 800 images, the content did not transfer easily in the "slurping" process, so I had to move posts and images in smaller groups.  It wasn't hard; it just took some time and patience.  Once I had copied the content, I didn't want it to appear just anywhere in the book, so I pulled an all-nighter (and then some), working on the book page by page, ensuring that the photos that were with the original posts would appear alongside the accompanying text. Here is a sample of one of the layouts-in-progress:
One thing to keep in mind when transferring from Blogger is that the time stamp and author's name will appear at the end of each copied post, along with a "no reply" comment. I went through each post and deleted that "no reply" bit, but I'm sure a few fell through the cracks.  By 4 a.m. I was a bit fried, after all. I didn't have to finish the book in one sitting, of course, but I was supercharged about the project. Even after that all-nighter, I only got four hours of sleep before I was back at it again -- I was that psyched about it.

Would I do it again?  Heck, yes!  I learned a lot in the process, and looking back, it may have involved a lot of time, but it was so worth the effort.  My Blurb book arrived today, and I love it so very much.
The book is a hardcover, standard portrait size (7.75" x 9.75"), and it is just short of 240 pages. That number matters, actually, since once a book hits 240 pages, the kind of paper that can be used becomes limited to "standard" paper. Because I managed to keep the length to 236 pages, I was still able to use premium paper with lustre finish. After looking at the book today, I am so glad that I made the cutoff for that paper. It's beautiful.
This book is a treasure. 


  1. Do you have the option of choosing which posts go in the book?

    1. Yep, you sure do. If you manually add posts (which basically just involves clicking post titles from a list), then you can decide which ones you want to add and which ones you want to delete at that point. You can also just upload all of them, and they'll appear in a left sidebar, and you can choose which ones to add or not include at that point.

  2. Oh. my. Goodness!!!! LOVE it so very much...x

  3. WOW! Jill this is totally AMAZING! Just super cool! Now I want one of those too!!!

  4. OMG What a lovely, lovely book. Something you and your family will treasure for years to come !! Amazing :)

  5. Oh, I've been meaning to do this (been blogging since 2005). I really need to get this done. Maybe it'll be a summer project (or two or three...)

  6. I am constantly in awe of your ability to write, to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary, unique and very very special! Thank you always for sharing I truly gain inspiration from every one of your posts.