Monday, September 1, 2014

JBS Mercantile September Reveal

The JBS Mercantile September kits are now available! Over the past few days I've had the pleasure of working with these beauties:
September Antiquarian Kit

These kits are versatile, as I discovered after creating three layouts that range from a little bit of pretty to a lot of silly.

More details can be found in the gallery at JBS Mercantile. 

Even though I've pretty much rendered the kits into remnants at this point, I'm not done creating with them yet. I think I can still get at least one more layout out of them before the long weekend ends!  


  1. beautiful layouts, as always, jill! you work so well with layers. I find it inspiring (& it makes me a little jealous!) :o)

  2. just one word: exquisite! and I love your handwriting!:)

  3. I really like all three of these layouts Jill...and I personally love your 'short' hair too!