Monday, August 4, 2014

My Sweet Summer Is Gone

Summer vacation has come to an end...and, in response to my emotional state, a hurricane has decided to head toward the islands. Figures.
I won't lie. I'm kind of freaking out here, especially as my daughter's arrival home coincides with the arrival of a major storm.

I'm sure we'll be fine.  Just in case, though, I've stocked up on water and batteries.

What a summer sendoff.

I prefer the sendoff that I gave in my most recent layout -- the last of my summer pages.
One of the bright spots of my summer was being asked to do some design work using Ashley Calder's Things That Shine embellishment kits.  You know how much I adore all that Ashley does, and her style is evident in each of her kits.
On this layout, I used items from the Celebrate Summer (above) and Days of Summer kits.
I also worked in a dictionary page that made me gasp when I saw one of the definitions on it. It makes perfect sense with this page.

Of course I had to also include some gold misted circles on it, as a tribute to Ashley herself and her love of gold and, well, things that shine. :)

I'm looking forward to working with more of her kits. Each one is filled with little treasures.

Thanks for visiting today! If you have any convenient methods for scaring hurricanes away, let me know.


  1. I am from NY where we lived through Hurricane Sandy. Make sure your electronics are charged and don't forget to gas up your car. Praying that it changes course.

  2. Loved your layout Jill !!! Stay safe and dry :)

  3. oh my gosh! I LOVE this layout. I really love what you did with the ribbon - it's very inspirational and creative!

  4. Jill, I was truly blown away by this page. I mean, I just sat there, and then I got chills. :) Thank you for being part of Things That Shine, and for making a beautiful page that truly does shine. I meant to tell you when we emailed, but I totally noticed the gold misted circles right away and loved it. :)
    I am hoping that your daughter arrived home safe and sound and the hurricane passed you by.

  5. Love what you did with Ashley's bits and pieces!! A wonderful layout! :) Evie

  6. Hope you and your loved ones stay safe. Thinking of you. Bye Irene from the Netherlands.

  7. Love the poetry of your pages! They are true art.
    Looks like we've dodged the bullet for Iselle, now let's just hang tight for the wind and rain still to come and Julio lurking in the wings.
    aloha, glee

  8. loving the layout! hope all is well!