Sunday, August 10, 2014


We're okay!

My daughter arrived home safely a few hours before the winds picked up, though she did have an emergency stopover in Portland due to someone on the plane being sick.  I felt badly for the sick person, but I also kept thinking that every minute that the plane was delayed, the storm was moving closer.  By the time she arrived, there was a cloud cover over the island already.

Luckily, Iselle did not hit the island chain as hard as expected, though parts of the Big Island are still struggling to recover.  Julio is passing north of us, and though it will impact the surf, it hasn't brought any rain or wind today.  It's actually very still and humid at the moment.

It's back to school for us now, and I'm excited about it, if not a little thrown off by the stress of the past few days.

Before I head off to deal with my day-before-the-first-day jitters, I have a layout to share, celebrating one of the bright spots of my summer: time with my doggie dear.
I created this layout for Thursday's "Grid Upon Grid" sketch post on the October Afternoon blog. It combines an aligned grid with a less structured one.  I had some fun playing with the dog-themed elements from the Public Library collection here.

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. This is so cute! I love the doggies running across the bottom of the page. So glad to here everyone is A-OK! :) Evie

  2. I love the pup pictures, too cute! I LOVE the patchwork of scraps along the bottom of the grid, just awesome! As usual :)

  3. too cute, jill! glad your girlie is home! happy first day to the two of you!

  4. Glad the storm didn't impact you much. Beautiful page; I LOVE grid-based designs!

  5. glad to know all is well with you--seriously LOVING your page Jill!

  6. So glad your daughter made it home safely and the storm was not as bad as predicted! Lovely layout and am particularly in awe of the amount of patterned paper you are able to get on one page! Mine always look too busy when I attempt it, but yours always looks just right. Thanks for continueing to share your work.