Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Pinterest Vortex

I know, I know -- we're constantly being implored to back away from our screens, to turn and face the world, to view actual sunlight, to live wild and free and unplugged. 

But as long as Pinterest is around, that's just too haaaaaard.  

I get sucked into the Pinterest vortex a few times a week. It works like this:
1. See an image.
2. Pin the image.
3. Check to be sure it shows up on Pinterest (even though you know it has).
4. See more pins.
5. Repin the pins.
6. Click on a pin and find more things to pin.
7. Three hours later, look up to realize the sun has set and it is almost time for bed. 
Even if I am not actively pinning something, I have three pin boards that I sometimes visit just because they make me ever so happy as I behold their glory. I simply sigh into their colors and shapes and patterns, and feel better immediately. 

I know that some use Pinterest to pin a whole lot of whatever, but as for me, I try to stick to what brings delight to my eyes. 

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