Sunday, September 14, 2014

Things That Shine: Flower Dream

Today I spent some quality time with some Things That Shine kits and tidbits.
This layout shares my "flower dream" -- that is, the dream of owning a green thumb instead of a black one. For someone who adores flowers as much as I do, it is a downright shame that everything I plant seems to die. Right now I am attempting to keep some succulents alive, and so far, they are still relatively green, so that is a hopeful sign. However, at the same time that I brought those home from the nursery, I also brought home three green pakalana vines, which have, sadly but predictably, returned to the soil from whence they came. Maybe Hurricane Iselle's winds had something to do with their demise, but I ultimately blame myself and the aura of floral despair that surrounds me. I'm like the kid who shouts "KITTY!" with arms outstretched and then squeezes the cat too tight, if you know what I mean.

Luckily, I still scrap flowers to life, which is what I did with this layout and the Things That Shine lovelies that grace the page.
A florist I will never be, but my love for flowers, though somewhat unrequited, will endure.


  1. fun layout! I love all the cute details.

  2. Beautiful layout Jill!! Sweet and shiney. ;) Evie

  3. oh my goodness: this layout is AWESOME!! all the detials and the layers: oh that cloud ..... sigh

  4. texture and BEAUTIFULNESS! Love it!!

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