Sunday, October 19, 2014

Listening to Cio-Cio San

Hurricanes typically have more to do with disaster than they do blessings, but with Hurricane Ana passing south of the islands this weekend, it is far enough away not to be doing any damage, but close enough to bring us lots of much-needed rain. It's been dry and hot around here lately, but for the past two days, it's been sprinkling non-stop, and even though the sun is up, it looks like the evening. This has made for terrific napping weather, reading weather, and scrapping weather. I complied on all three fronts, sleeping in for two days, finishing Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects (disturbing), and working on an opera-inspired layout using a bunch of lovelies from Ashley's Calder's Things That Shine
Last week I had the honor of chaperoning a group of students to a Hawaii Opera Theatre Opera for Everyone performance of Madam Butterfly. I created this layout to document the event, adding my version of operatic spectacle in the form of accents that remind me of lines and themes of the opera. 
Poor Cio-Cio San is perpetually waiting for the robins to build their nests. Heartbreaking.
Why, just before he went,
I asked of him, You'll come back again to me?
And with his heart so heavy,
To conceal his trouble,
With a smile he made answer:
``O Butterfly
My tiny little child-wife,
I'll return with the roses,
The warm and sunny season
When the red-breasted robins
Are busy nesting.''
He'll return.
By intermission I was experiencing an overload of cultural imperialism. By the end, however, I was wiping my eyes. There's nothing quite like catharsis. 
I'm off to join in the webinar at Get It Scrapped. Hope to see you there!


  1. Jill, this is so beautiful. Your pages make me want to do things and make things.

  2. This is so amazing! I really love your layout!