Saturday, November 8, 2014


I don't take enough photos.  Correction: I don't take enough of the right kind of photos.  I know we all have phones in our hands and we speak Instagram, but I still feel as if something is missing. I'm not capturing what I should be capturing -- the spirit of us, of my family, of us together and individually.

I stopped by Tara Whitney's blog yesterday, and thought, now that's what I need to channel. Of course I could be nowhere as brilliant, but there is something intuitive about her photographer's eye, something that translates to real and authentic and life-as-she-sees-it, that has me wondering if this aspect can translate to my own photos.

I've been going through old photos a lot lately.  I don't think it's just nostalgia that motivates me.  It's curiosity. The imperfect, unposed photos are my favorites.  I selected one of them to use on a recent Crate Paper layout:
The photo, taken in the late 1960s, features my grandparents, aunt, and mother on a family picnic.
The photo is imperfect, but it's them -- it's so them. I love how my grandmother is leaning against my grandfather, and how my mom is as she still is today, always mid-sentence, even in front of a camera.

I want a little bit of this photo to be in every photo I take.


  1. So precious! I love your work, Jill!

  2. I love this post and am even mentioning it in an upcoming post so don't know why I didn't comment at the time. I agree and used to love the thrill of collecting your film pics and not quite knowing what to expect or forgetting you had even taken the pictures in the first place!