Sunday, November 9, 2014

Feeling November's chilly tonight! 
Oh, how I've longed to write that sentence and have it be true.

It's been hot and humid for months, but it's in the 60s at the moment, which makes it officially feel like fall around here.  Now, I understand that the 60s hardly qualify as "cold" weather in most locales, but this is sweater weather for me.

I got cozy this afternoon and settled down for some happy scrapping with the November JBS kit. Here's a peek at a layout that will be included in the mid-month gallery at JBS Mercantile.
Even while the weather was warm earlier this week, I was still channeling fall in my scrapbooking, via this layout that I created for October Afternoon based on a sketch by Ginny Hughes.
I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving later this month. I can almost taste the turkey and gravy.  

I love November. :) 


  1. oh lala! love this layout! did you use Gelatos? or normal paint! it looks so artsy!
    I am glad you have a real season weather! Here we have gloves and boots right now!:) Come!

    1. Hi Sophie! I used paint and ink. And don't tempt me -- I'd jump at a chance to visit in a minute!

  2. Yay for fall weather -- whatever it means, wherever you live! :)
    Loving this little sneak. And your OA watercolour page is fabulous. It keeps popping up all over my Pinterest feed.