Sunday, November 16, 2014

Star Struck

It's been three months since my daughter returned from her summer in Russia, and so many of her stories remain undocumented. I am hoping that over the next few months, what with Thanksgiving break and Christmas break coming up, I will be able to help her get some of her memories down on paper. 

There has been some progress, though. This morning I put together a page about her visit to a space museum in Kirov, and Z happily supplied the details. 
The little circles on this Elle's Studio "Happy" Sycamore Lane paper remind me of planets.  They were in need of some "star stuff," so I stamped some stars and filled them in with colored pencils. The wood stars and star-accented journaling card in the ES November kit also found a home here.  
Initially, I was thinking about making an album for Z to document her trip, but I'm finding that I am getting more done by approaching the photos page by page.  Maybe I'll put something more cohesive together at some point, but for now, this works! 


  1. what a fun and bright page! I love how you created the background paper to match your subject! :0 she looks like she had great fun.

  2. This is so vibrant and fun! What a cool opportunity for Z! How nice of the museum attendant. :)