Thursday, December 18, 2014

One Week to Go, and Still No Tree.

Why has it been so tough for me to get on board with Christmas this year?  Now that I'm finally done with the semester, and break has begun, I need to cram eighteen missed days of holiday prep into a single week at this point. No problem. 

Heh. Heh. 

This page pretty much captures my current December state of mind: 
The JBS Mercantile Papercrafting and Antiquarian kits have helped to make my transition into the holiday season less disorienting. :) 
I'm pretty sure that with a good night of sleep, I'll be ready to tolerate songs about snow (which play nonstop on the radio here in HAWAI'I at this time of year), the hunt for a tree (am I the only one who feels guilty about bringing a tree indoors to die?), and maybe even the crowds at malls (grrrrrr). I have one week to shake off my Scrooge and get merry. Let's do this. 


  1. I hear ya, Jill. I still don't have my tree up, and it's less than a week, now. It's part being busy, and it's part not being in the spirt for some reason. I'll get it done. And once it's done, I can leave the tree up longer to make up for lost time! :)

  2. I am hearing this from everyone this year. Not sure why. We don't get a real tree anymore but do a fake tree. My husband BEGGED me for years and about 5 years ago, I gave in. We have never looked back!! It helps me to do things in stages, too. I decorate the tree one day, do the mantle another. I don't stress to do everything all at once. I also gave myself permission last year "to do what I could do" and it was fine. I hope you have a great holiday!!

  3. Amazing and perfect pages, as always. :)
    We put our trees up today, finally, but no other decorations yet. The three year old cried when she found out the trees STILL weren't going to be decorated but hopefully tomorrow will be the day it all goes up!