Thursday, January 22, 2015

A New Old Layout

There is little open space to be found on this desktop of mine -- the wooden one and the computer one. Yep, my desk isn't the only part of my workspace that's messy. My desktop is a wreck, too. I tend to keep a lot of my files there, where I can easily access them (in theory), but I often forget to place them into folders, and they build up quickly.

As I was organizing the contents of my desktop recently (for the first time in a year, actually), I came across the image of this never-before-shared layout for Crate Paper, created last February. 
This is my take on the seasonal page. :) 

“Rain, rain, rain: it is the surest sign of a Hawaii winter” --  so goes the first line of the journaling on my layout, which documents a month of rainy days and their impact on our household (dog included). 
For me, winter has nothing to do with snowflakes. My winter palette is a combination of muddy and rain-soaked colors. The "pineapple showers" common to Hawai'i are represented through little bursts of yellow and gold peeking out here and there. 
The layout design is one of my "go to" approaches -- six blocks, clustered together, each of which serves as a home for a photo or a cluster of accents. I have the most fun putting together layouts like this one, adding details as I go along.
To enhance the repetition from block to block, I added stitching to each section, varying the direction and type of stitch to ensure that even while being part of a unified whole, each block would remain distinct from the others. I have most definitely become one of those scrapbookers for whom a page just doesn’t feel complete unless the sewing machine has made its mark somehow. 

I could actually go for some mud puddles right now. Lately, the weather's been rather dry, and the lack of wind means that the vog has been building up. I always feel bad for the tourists who visit the islands when the vog is thick. It lingers in the valleys, obscures the mountains, turns the blue sky a hazy gray brown, and makes allergies and asthma act up something awful. It's downright ugly. I'm hoping that some rainy weather and trade winds come to visit soon. It doesn't feel like winter without them. :) 


  1. what a great go-to plan! thanks for sharing!!

  2. beautiful pallet! You know how to rock this spread with the perfect amount of details. I am a cluster brain, and hubby is always giving me flack for cluttering the desktop, and don't even ask about my scrapping desk, which I can not currently see the bottom of!

  3. SO very GORGEOUS! Liking the stitching in between the blocks--isn't it interesting what treasures you find when you clean your space up? I cleaned mine as well--my 12 year old son came in and said, "MOM! your desk is clean!" yep--miracles DO happen every day! ;)