Thursday, January 8, 2015

A True Breakfast

I'm not ashamed to admit it: when visiting Pinterest, if anything remotely resembling a fitness-related pin shows up in my feed, I will unfollow that board immediately.  I don't want to know the secret to creating the perfect thigh gap (although I actually do know the secret -- Photoshop). I don't want to read about 100 exercises to ensure "perfect" abs, since the pursuit of perfection, as far as the human body goes, is futile (and kind of scary, when it becomes obsessive). Gravity and time are formidable forces.

While I can respect the "do not go gentle" attitude, I'm afraid for those people on Facebook who proudly report that they just finished a workout so grueling that they "only threw up twice." What-whaat?

I am the girl who takes occasional walks (but only if I feel like it), who chooses the stairs instead of the elevator (unless the stairwell is sketchy), who tries to eat balanced meals and never counts calories (there are better uses for math), who believes that getting a good night's sleep is the healthiest thing she can do for herself (and for those with whom she comes into contact), and who allows herself to indulge in ice cream for breakfast without feeling guilty (see below).
The Scraptastic "This Must Be the Place" January kit speaks to my frame of mind, offering up some delectable treats in the form of sweet pinks, creamy neutrals, and tasty accents to complement the photo I snapped of a recent breakfast -- vanilla ice cream with blackberry sauce.
I embossed the title letters and stamped the background with berry hues.

I even included a recipe, for posterity (just in case my disregard of the whole "buns of steel" doctrine leads to an early demise).
(Apologies for the typo -- the last line should read "to gobble.")

I highly encourage you to try it. You can always work it off at the gym later...or just let it add to your soft and and lovable parts, like I do.


  1. Ice cram for breakfast? Sign me up!!! Love your page! Beautiful!

  2. I love both the page and your attitude!

  3. Jill, you are a woman after my own heart. Love your attitude! And ice cream for breakfast starts the day right. :)

  4. You are so funny! Love, LOOOVE your page! Colors, layers, everything!

  5. haha...this is a great post. im not a fan of ice cream for breakfast, but i have been known to eat a cupcake or two! love this layout and your funny sense of humor!

  6. Fresh blackberries makes it healthy, right? ;)