Friday, February 27, 2015

Goat Charisma

Now here's a title I never thought I'd be adding to a layout:
When I set eyes on the "My Superpower Is..." journaling card from the February "Counting Stars" Scraptastic kit, its fate was sealed. A few days earlier, my daughter and I were talking about the oh-so-common question of "If you could have any superpower, what would it be?" and we decided that we were tired of the usual answers.  Forget invisibility, mind reading, flying, and x-ray vision.  My daughter declared that her superpower would be communicating with goats. My husband's would be to make dogs roll over, submissive, with a single look. Mine would be the ability to make cats pee at will, as they sense my presence.  All of these, interestingly enough, are grounded in real incidents.
This layout came together quickly -- and on a weeknight, to boot!  That almost never happens. I worked in some painted pieces in addition to patterns from the "Counting Stars" kit and add-on. I'm going to start keeping more painted papers around -- they make awesome photo mats and add pops of color to pages.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

In So Many Words

My most recent layouts include lots of words. I mean LOTS.

Take this one, created for this past week's October Afternoon "Topic Tuesday" blog post.
The page was made in response to the following prompt:
Think back through your romantic history and reflect upon how you came to know what love is and is not.  If it helps, you could structure this as advice from a parent to a child, based on experience. You could reflect on what your parent(s) taught you about romantic love and what you hope to impart to your own children. 
There was no way the journaling wasn't going to be lengthy!  I could have gone on for pages. 

The background of the page definitely shows the influence that working on pages for Studio Calico's Color Theory workshop is having on me. It's been all about paint for me lately (as my fingernails and once-blue jeans can demonstrate). I just completed a page for that class that also includes quite a bit of journaling. I can't share the full page, but here's a little peek at it: 
A recent Elle's Studio layout also found me getting wordy, except instead of using my own words, I used my daughter's, from one of her (many) college essays. 
I love it when the words become a defining feature of a layout. Paper and accents are fine and dandy, but there is so much more to scrapbooking than that. Photos bring a page to life, and words invest that page with meaning. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

What Weekend?

Apparently three-day weekends are ideal for scheduling workshops and conferences. I've spent the majority of the weekend alternately driving to and from things and waiting for things and, as I am doing now, complaining about things. There were some highlights in there, like the night I slept for a full eight hours (I love it when that happens), or the month's worth of Modern Family that I finally caught up on, or the four layouts I completed. Here's one:
My daughter's approach to "studying" cracks me up. I guess we're all entitled to mental health breaks, though -- and I know how addictive that freaking "Trivia Crack" game can be.  (More about this layout can be found on the Scraptastic blog).

This past week I also shared a layout in the Elle's Studio Design Team gallery, using the February 2015 kit.
There's nothing quite like puppy love. :)
I've been working on a few other projects recently. Here's a sneak of one of my layouts for the Studio Calico Color Theory class:
I suppose that even with all of the driving and waiting and complaining, this was still a good weekend. Paint on my fingers is always evidence of time well spent.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I have a sinus infection. It's such a thrill. I walk around clutching at my face like the Phantom of the Opera did when his mask was removed. The antibiotics are slowly performing their magic, but in the meantime, I've mostly just been in a scrappy mood -- minus the "s," that is.

Luckily, I have dim memories of the last time I scrapbooked to remind me that I used to be a creative person. Someday I'll be her again. :)
I created this layout using the Scraptastic Club "Counting Stars" February kit and add-on, based on a "pinspiration" challenge on the Scraptastic blog:
Sources: Pin 1, Pin 2, Pin 3

I riffed on the color scheme and the repeated titles, working in various patterns from the kit as well as the "Counting Stars" letter stamps.

I'll share another layout soon, as soon as this haze that used to be my mind clears. Thanks for stopping by, and, if you felt it, for your pity. ;)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Little Bit Gonzo

Recently, while out to lunch with my daughter, she donned one of her many pairs of sunglasses and sat back, chewing on her straw. She reminded me of someone...but who? Then it hit me: Hunter S. Thompson (without the cigarette, thankfully).  The following page, created with the Scraptastic "Counting Stars" February 2015 kit and add-on, serves as a salute to one of Thompson's quotables: "Buy the ticket, take the ride." 
I used the quote as a catalyst for the journaling, which is on the black tag tucked into the layout. I used a silver Uniball pen -- I love how the ink stands out against the dark background.
I had a smile on my face pretty much the entire time that I worked on this page. One reason? I finally got to use the long-awaited Counting Stars alpha stamps
I'm going to be getting a lot of mileage out of these, I'm sure.  I can't wait to dive back into the kits this weekend. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Getting There

The whole household has been dealing with runny noses and headaches and coughing fits over the past week or so, and we are finally seeing drops in fevers and increases in the ability to breathe. It seems as if every year at this time we end up sick, regardless of the fact that we all have our flu shots. I can't escape it -- kids come to school sick, and it's only a matter of time before my daughter gets sick and/or I get sick...and then my poor husband ends up sick. He's terrible at it -- such a grump.  I like to "manage" sicknesses, insisting upon hydration, medication, frequent temperature checks, lots of sleep, and companionable dogs and cats. Mostly I annoy my family into feeling better.

Anyway, things are finally looking up around here, thank goodness.

Before the germ siege, I worked on a few layouts for October Afternoon, one of which was up on the OA blog today. It's a nice reminder that the sickness could have been worse -- it could have been the stomach flu! Yuck.  I love food too much, as you can tell by looking at this layout:
I forgot to add garlic shrimp pho to the list. That was the elixir that nursed me back to health over the past few days. Good stuff.

About a week ago, another one of my layouts was featured on the OA blog. This one warms my heart.
All of that yellow makes me feel better, just looking at it.

Thanks for visiting today! Stay healthy!