Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I have a sinus infection. It's such a thrill. I walk around clutching at my face like the Phantom of the Opera did when his mask was removed. The antibiotics are slowly performing their magic, but in the meantime, I've mostly just been in a scrappy mood -- minus the "s," that is.

Luckily, I have dim memories of the last time I scrapbooked to remind me that I used to be a creative person. Someday I'll be her again. :)
I created this layout using the Scraptastic Club "Counting Stars" February kit and add-on, based on a "pinspiration" challenge on the Scraptastic blog:
Sources: Pin 1, Pin 2, Pin 3

I riffed on the color scheme and the repeated titles, working in various patterns from the kit as well as the "Counting Stars" letter stamps.

I'll share another layout soon, as soon as this haze that used to be my mind clears. Thanks for stopping by, and, if you felt it, for your pity. ;)


  1. Sorry you're not feeling well. Your scrappiness did not suffer though! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very cool funky design! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. sorry your sick! THIS is AMAZING--love the inspiration and your TOTALLY creative take on it!!

  4. i hope you feel better soon, jill. i adore this layout - so unique and fun!