Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Getting There

The whole household has been dealing with runny noses and headaches and coughing fits over the past week or so, and we are finally seeing drops in fevers and increases in the ability to breathe. It seems as if every year at this time we end up sick, regardless of the fact that we all have our flu shots. I can't escape it -- kids come to school sick, and it's only a matter of time before my daughter gets sick and/or I get sick...and then my poor husband ends up sick. He's terrible at it -- such a grump.  I like to "manage" sicknesses, insisting upon hydration, medication, frequent temperature checks, lots of sleep, and companionable dogs and cats. Mostly I annoy my family into feeling better.

Anyway, things are finally looking up around here, thank goodness.

Before the germ siege, I worked on a few layouts for October Afternoon, one of which was up on the OA blog today. It's a nice reminder that the sickness could have been worse -- it could have been the stomach flu! Yuck.  I love food too much, as you can tell by looking at this layout:
I forgot to add garlic shrimp pho to the list. That was the elixir that nursed me back to health over the past few days. Good stuff.

About a week ago, another one of my layouts was featured on the OA blog. This one warms my heart.
All of that yellow makes me feel better, just looking at it.

Thanks for visiting today! Stay healthy!


  1. great pages! I love the tools die cuts in the journaling!

  2. gorgeous! i really love that second one!

  3. Love the yellow, Love the journaling.

  4. Love the yellow, Love the journaling.

  5. Adding to the love- love that last layout, love the color, love the paper (why didn't I but 10 of those), love the sentiment. Love all your layouts, love your layering, not only of product, but of story and symbolism. So inspiring, thanks!

  6. Wow! I hope that is the last time you'd all be afflicted in such a widespread way. There are certainly ways to arrest that, especially for your kids. So yes, vaccinations are a step forward, for a start. Thanks for sharing that! Take care always!

    Aubrey Holloway @ Primary Care Associates