Monday, February 16, 2015

What Weekend?

Apparently three-day weekends are ideal for scheduling workshops and conferences. I've spent the majority of the weekend alternately driving to and from things and waiting for things and, as I am doing now, complaining about things. There were some highlights in there, like the night I slept for a full eight hours (I love it when that happens), or the month's worth of Modern Family that I finally caught up on, or the four layouts I completed. Here's one:
My daughter's approach to "studying" cracks me up. I guess we're all entitled to mental health breaks, though -- and I know how addictive that freaking "Trivia Crack" game can be.  (More about this layout can be found on the Scraptastic blog).

This past week I also shared a layout in the Elle's Studio Design Team gallery, using the February 2015 kit.
There's nothing quite like puppy love. :)
I've been working on a few other projects recently. Here's a sneak of one of my layouts for the Studio Calico Color Theory class:
I suppose that even with all of the driving and waiting and complaining, this was still a good weekend. Paint on my fingers is always evidence of time well spent.


  1. Awesome pages! Miss your videos :((

  2. love these projects and cannot wait to see that full layout, the painted tones look stunning!!! YAY for puppy love, you look so enamored of that sweet little ball of fluff!

  3. What lovely pages!! Really like the grid design of the second page. So fun!!

  4. Loving both layouts and I'm loving that you journaled in white!