Sunday, March 22, 2015

Farewell, Spring Break

It was simply delicious, having one week to catch up on two months of missed sleep, to binge-watch Shameless so hard that we are now caught up, to get in the car and load up on Starbucks when the sun was actually overhead, and to play, play, play with paper to my heart's content.

One of the layouts that I created captures a day in the life of the glorious week known as Spring Break.
The page was prompted by various sources of inspiration. Firstly, it is the product of what happens when I actually clean.  A few days ago I organized my stash after purging about ten pounds of supplies (and donating them to a very grateful scrappy friend, I might add, who is not ashamed to call herself a proud hoarder). In the process of organizing, I (re)discovered supplies that I had been neglecting, and decided to pair them with some newer goodies on this page. Cleaning is irritating, but is also oh-so-good for the scrap mojo. Secondly, two challenges (and Calvinball bonus point opportunities) at Get It Scrapped served as springboards for this page. The first is to incorporate an "archaic" product -- can you spot the "vintage" KI Memories papers at the top and bottom of this page? The second is to take a photo and scrapbook it on the same day.
So far, I'm up to 11 layouts and one card for the month. My goal is 15, though it would be awesome if I could make it to 20. Given that it takes me forever to create a page, that would be noteworthy. There are some die-hards out there who are aiming for 200 (or more!) this month, but no, I'm cool with retaining my sanity (for the most part) and not walking away from March never wanting to scrapbook again. I'll just keep doing my thing, at my own pace, and hopefully, I'll reach my goal.  If not, that's cool, too. I'm embracing the Tao of the Turtle.


  1. i ADORE this layout, jill! it's so bright and fun!!!

  2. oh:the colors are crazy beautiful:)

  3. the layering is seriously DELICIOUS!! Yay for Spring Break--LOVE this page!!

  4. How did I miss this pile of gorgeousness!!! Love this page Jill and the photo is awesome as well