Sunday, March 15, 2015

One Weekend, Three Layouts

Maybe it was the prospect of starting spring break.
Maybe it was the as-yet-unused Scraptastic kit and add-on calling my name.
Maybe it was the creative push prompted by a good night's sleep -- nay, two good nights of sleep.

I'm thinking it was all of the above that contributed to my finishing three layouts this weekend, and leaving me feeling like I could create at least three more.

The first came together yesterday, using the Scraptastic Rivers and Roads kit and add-on and the emoji stamps from the Good Day Sunshine kit. (Alas, the kit and stamps sold out quickly, so I can't link you up to them -- bummer!)
The layout focuses on my daughter's texting habits. In the process of creating it, we did a little research to find out how many texts per month she actually sends. The journaling documents that revelation.
That kid.

The next two layouts came together this morning and early this afternoon. My morning coffee run not only energized me, but it also gave me the idea for this page:
I couldn't help but notice that the word "hello" shows up many (many) times in the March kits. In fact, it shows up a lot in scrapbooking supplies in general. Why is that? How many times can one really use "hello" on a page without it seeming as if you're hard of hearing ("Hello? Hello?") or sarcastic ("Hello? Anybody home? Think, McFly, think!").  Then, mid-coffee run, I looked over to my furry co-pilot, who was positively shaking with glee, and I realized just how to use "hello" on a page and make it work. (The journaling explains it all.)

My third layout is the product of eavesdropping.


The other night my neighbor was having a get-together, and as the night went on and the alcohol took  effect, the heart-to-heart portion of the evening's festivities commenced. A group of men sat around, complaining about people who refer to this island as a "rock."

While alcohol-induced amnesia will likely leave them with no memory of the conversation, someone (hee hee) across the street was listening, and thinking about how every person on this island at some point has either said or heard someone say, "I need to get off of this rock."

This layout is a response to that idea.
Apparently this page was destined to be created today, as the March kits are full of papers, colors, and accents that are perfect for a Hawaii-based layout. I mean, a pineapple? Sunshine? A stencil that looks like a hibiscus? What are the odds?
It's been a happy scrappy weekend...and with spring break ahead, I have a feeling that I haven't seen the last of this kit yet.

I'm hopeful, especially as we're now entering week three of Calvinball. No pressure. Slow and steady, as always!

Thanks for stopping by today!