Friday, April 3, 2015

Crossing the Finish Line

Calvinball is, alas, over. After March 31, the finish line was removed, and the crowds went home. Now, three days later, I can explain where I was on March 31 -- and why I wasn't at home finishing the two layouts I had started days before.

My daughter refers to it as the Zipocalypse.  It's also been called Carmaggedon. You can read about it here and here.  After spending two hours in traffic, we ended up at my mom's. We didn't make it home on the night of the 31st, and on the afternoon of the 1st, we found ourselves in traffic once again (though not nearly as awful as the prior day's).  Hawai'i has the third worst traffic in the nation, but I think after the Zipocalypse, we're going to place first. Crazy.

In any case, as soon as I was able, I finished the layouts -- one will be in the Elle's Studio April gallery, and the other is a mix of SC journaling cards and accents as well as items that I finally stopped hoarding in my stash.
The layout was pretty much done by the end of March. I just had to print the journaling on the labels. Since I had a little extension, I was able to mention the events of March 31. What a way to end the month -- and Calvinball!

I did meet my goal for the month, which was 15 layouts. My layout total is 16.5 (half a point for a birthday card I made for our neighbor). Yay me! I was hoping for 20, but I blame the Department of Transportation for interfering with that. Freaking ZipMobile.

I scored a bunch of bonus point as well this month, making my final Calvinball total 180.5 points. I'm good with that.

There may be no finish line at this point, but I'm taking that victory lap anyway!

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