Sunday, April 26, 2015

Of Hearts and Scrapbook Surgery

I'm at the point where I have nearly obliterated the April "Darlene" kit and add-on from Scraptastic Club. I used just the main kit to create this page, which features none of my own journaling, since the words from my grandfather to my grandmother say it all. 
He wrote this sweet sentiment on the back of a photo that he gave her in the 1940s. She trimmed around it so that she could keep it in her wallet.

When I first read the words, they reminded me of song lyrics from that era, and sure enough -- they are from a 1942 song called "Always in My Heart." He wrote:
You are always in my heart, even though we're far apart. I can hear the music play the song of love I sang to you. You are always in my heart.
Isn't that sweet?

Creating the layout was not easy -- not because the process itself was complicated or difficult, but because just as I started stitching the first version of this page, the thread from the sewing machine began to bunch and the page ripped when I tired to pry it from the machine.
So I expressed my grief on Instagram, as is the modern custom, and, upon being comforted by those who had been through something similar or worse (thanks, folks), I attempted a remedy.

I removed ⅓ of the page (the top part, containing the worst part of the damage) and added two layers of paper in its place. I then added a series of stitched circles around the photo and title blocks, camouflaging the torn areas that remained.

I feel like a bona fide surgeon -- of the scrapbooking variety, that is.

I really like the addition of gesso to the background of this page. I love the patterns -- don't get me wrong -- but I also love the look of them peeking through the layer of white.

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  1. This is gorgeous! I love the stitching you ended up doing!

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