Saturday, April 25, 2015

This Happened

Among the journaling cards in this month's Scraptastic "Darlene" add-on kit is one that reads, "This Happened." Those two words became the springboard for a layout idea to document some of the everyday (and extraordinary) events that have occurred this month.
I did something similar last month, and while I'm not yet sure whether this will be something I continue in May (and June and July and...), I have enjoyed working with a hodgepodge of photos that collectively represent what has been happening over a brief period of time. I don't have the energy or organizational skills needed to be a week-by-week Project Lifer, but a month-by-month approach is manageable. It focuses on highlights but also allows room to include details. 
The approach is actually ideal for bringing together assorted photos that may not otherwise show up on layouts devoted specifically to them as individual subjects. For instance, I'm not likely to make a layout about the stacks of laundry in my house, or about a book I've been reading, but those aspects of my life belong on this page, because they help to document the day-to-day life that I live. 
We'll see what happens in May. :) 


  1. I always admire your multi photo pages and this one is no exception! I also love the concept of a monthly hodgepodge of photos and fun facts. Hopefully you'll feel inspired to make one for May :D

  2. Jill, I hope you do next month too:) I love that your style is having lots of journaling, I need to do that too.