Friday, June 19, 2015

Challenge Layout #1

It's been 24 hours since I created my kit (see previous post), and I'm feeling psyched! There's nothing quite like a kit to get one's scrappy mojo flowing -- I already finished my first layout.
The layout focuses on my daughter's final choir concert. It was so emotional, as she knew it would be -- she told me in advance that this would be her "real graduation."
Music has been her passion for so many years. It has been unlike other subjects, and her choir director has been unlike other teachers. Z talked about her choir and music history classes incessantly, nearly out of breath as she recounted tales about composers and explained, in detail, the intricacies of the fifth movement of Symphonie Fantastique. To watch her choral performances was to watch someone fill with light, and share it.
It's been argued that music education can improve language and mathematics skills, but the kind of learning that my daughter has experienced goes far behind the kind reflected in multiple-choice exams.
We live at a time in which school districts are stripping away arts programs -- and, as a result, imagination itself. I am a strong supporter of arts education, and I am so grateful that my daughter was able to attend a school that sees the arts not as "extra," but as essential.


  1. So love the colours and feel to this such a happy time.
    Have just found your two peas videos on youtube- my holiday viewing sorted, just so helpful to see the process), I wonder if you would have time in the holiday to maybe do another one ? (You are probably tired of me asking!)

  2. amen! and beautiful layout and beautiful girl!