Friday, June 5, 2015

ICAD Update

I'm four days into the challenge/phenomenon/obsession known as ICAD.  With each day and each card, I find myself just enjoying the process and feeling really good about what I'm doing -- no stress, no pressure, index card a day.

So far I've kept with this week's theme -- doodling and drawing using pen, markers, and/or ink -- and I've been using the optional topics as creative prompts. I've already shared the first day's card, so I'll pick up where I left off.

Day 2:  Carnival.
The idea of "carnival" got me thinking about one of the rides that one always finds at a carnival: a carousel. That immediately brought to mind Rubblebucket's "Carousel Ride," which remained on continuous play in my head as I drew a series of spirals on the index card and dipped the entire card in ink (OA "Hopscotch" Sprinklers). Once the card dried, I doodled the lyrics with a "round and round" approach, following the spiraling lines. Lesson learned: it's really hard to write in cursive continuously in a spiral without picking up one's pen.

Day 3:  Draw a Map.
I've made a vow: perfectionism will have no part in my ICAD experience. Even though I was tempted to reach for a pencil rather than a pen in drawing the coastlines on this card, I didn't want to look back -- I wanted to move forward. I grabbed a nearby ball point pen and created a quick contour drawing based on a map that I googled. I then painted with three different colors of ink (SC's Seafoam, Shell, and Honor Society mists). Although I thought about adding words, what I really wanted to call attention to is what my eye returns to over and over when I look at this card: the space between.  That space says more to me than any words could.

Day 4: Mailbox.
I collect things, two varieties of which can be seen here: stamps and quotes. For nearly three decades, I've saved pretty much every stamp that has ever come my way in the mail, sometimes simply tearing off the corners of envelopes and slipping them into a nearby drawer for...later.  Now is later, apparently. I reached into the drawer today and discovered a bunch of little treasures.  The Arcade Fire lyrics have been on my desktop for years, as if they've been waiting for this card. The theme still applies -- printer ink and, of course, the ink that is care of the U.S. Postal Service. The doodling was done with my trusty sewing machine.

The next topic is "owl." At the moment, I'm stumped...but the topics are optional, so we'll see where the end of the day finds me.  I love that I have no idea. I'm starting to think that maybe that's the point.


  1. Love your cards! You've inspired me to try ICAD!

  2. I want to do this too. I make ATCs which are a bit smaller but this looks like fun also. I like the fact that there is a daily prompt (topic?) to get you started. TFS