Thursday, June 25, 2015

R & J

When creating a layout brings tears to my eyes, I know that I'm truly scrapping from the soul.

This mushy-gushy layout came about as a result of today's sketch post on the Scraptastic blog and the "Thinking Out Loud" kit and add-on. I'm a die-hard fan of the grid layout, so I had no problems getting on board with the grid sketch. I took a bit of a deconstructed approach, not worrying about perfect alignment of squares so that I could create more of a free-flowing page. I love how it turned out.
My favorite part is the journaling -- the part of the process that had me brushing tears from my eyes.
When I told my husband about how I cried while making this, I added, "...And you know I don't cry easily," to which he said, "Except during movies," and started chuckling. I'm pretty sure this is a reference to Inside Out, which we saw last week, and which had me bawling every ten minutes and revisiting places that would be considered familiar territory for Freud and Jung.  The end of the film nearly found me curled up in the fetal position.

Okay, fine. I cry at movies.

Maybe I shouldn't have told Rob that I cried as I wrote the journaling. Last night, as I was preparing dinner, Rob walked in the kitchen and opened the fridge behind me.

"Jill," he said, his voice serious.


"I cry for you, too."

Then he started laughing while I reached out to smack him. He's such a butt, that true love of mine.


  1. beautiful layout and journaling! and funny story! it sounds like you & rob have a lot of fun together!!

  2. Such a beautiful journaling! This is a fantastic layout ♥

  3. While our scrappy styles are polar opposites I follow you on you tube, I enjoy listening to you speak. The descriptive words you use and the way you arrange your speech is quite soothing. So yesterday I finally found your blog and have been reading on and off through out the weekend. The journaling on this one also had me tearful, you are so very lucky to have found the love of a young girls life. Your way with words is amazing.