Saturday, July 25, 2015

Killing the Kit

What does it really mean to "kill" a kit? The verb choice is pretty violent, setting up the kit as adversary. One imagines the crafter-as-psychopath, intent on annihilating every last bit of a kit, laughing gleefully all the while, or the crafter-as-epic hero, facing down the monster and reveling in the glory of doing so.

I've killed kits before, and the last layout is always the most difficult one to manage. At that point, the kit is comprised of small scraps that don't seem like they could translate to a unified page, there aren't enough letters to spell out the title you want, you've used up most of the accents, and you aren't sure whether to just call it or push through.

I pushed through with this layout, using the "Thinking Out Loud" kit from Scraptastic.
The idea behind the page is the hypothetical "fire" test. If you saw Leap Year, you know which test I mean. If you woke to your house on fire, and you had 60 seconds to grab something before leaving the house, what would you take with you?  This page is my answer.

On a recent Scraptastic blog post, I wrote about the process of putting this together.  My favorite part of the page occurred somewhat unintentionally -- after I added the stitching, I realized that it resembled a pathway similar to that seen on a fire escape plan.

So I killed the kit. I didn't feel like a psychopath or an epic hero, but I did feel a sense of liberation. Facing a kit when it is fully intact is so different from facing a kit when there's hardly a kit left. When you're down to the dregs of a kit, anything goes, and that's when your creativity kicks in, sometimes in unexpected ways.


  1. i love this layout, jill! it looks fabulous! and i really love that the stitching was unintentional - it's a great touch!

  2. This is stunning Jill! i love so much your gorgeous work ♥