Thursday, July 2, 2015


It appears that I have been slacking with regard to blog posts. A person on summer break really has no excuses, right? In truth, I've been doing some very un-fun but revelatory cleaning. Every time I approach my scrap stash to clean it, it just gets worse.  It's a systematic excavation, but it looks like I've been using dynamite.

The good thing about de-stashing is that I have a TON of stuff to give away, so if you haven't yet started the Ms. Pac-Man challenge, now's the time to play along!

I've also been willfully avoiding cleaning at times and have been working on my favorite kind of projects instead.
This past Monday, Monique Liedtke joined me for Pinterest Monday on the Scraptastic blog. We drew our inspiration from a patchwork quilt by Colette Copeland. On my week-in-the-life layout, I pulled together small photos in varying sizes and added some messy stitching to highlight a few of the photos.

Over the past week, I also took part in two sketch challenges on the October Afternoon blog. The first  layout is based on a sketch by Sasha Farina. It celebrates the moment my daughter received her high school diploma.
The second layout is based on a sketch that I created and shared on the OA blog today. It's also graduation-related, focusing on the centerpieces that my mom and I worked on for my daughter's graduation party.

I've been loving the yellow lately. Can you tell?

Back to cleaning...ugh...


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  2. I love your work!! You inspired me with the week in life layout. Thought I would share!
    Thanks so much!

  3. Absolutely BRILLIANT! VERY inspiring!

  4. Yellow looks good!
    Lemon slices, huh..