Thursday, September 3, 2015

And Then It Was September.


Can you believe it's already September? And how about this global warming? My dashboard showed 97 degrees in traffic yesterday, and when I walked in the house after work, the humidity made it seem as if it was 102 degrees inside.  Crrrrrazy.

It might have something to do with the fact that we are surrounded by three storms at the moment.

So far, September is not my friend.

I am feeling a little forgiving, however, since September is dangling that Labor Day holiday in front of me at the moment. Who doesn't love a three-day weekend? I'm just a little concerned that this heat means that instead of kicking back at home like I should be, I'll be seeking refuge in various air-conditioned buildings all over the island.

Okay, okay, so catching a movie (or two or three) isn't the worst way to spend a weekend, but I'd much rather be playing with paper. :) I'm finally on the road to scrap mojo recovery, and I'm feeling downright antsy right now. Must. Scrap. Soon.

Actually, I stole a little time yesterday afternoon and put together a quick page, based on a Scraptastic challenge to use ephemera, memorabilia, or "found" elements on a page. I had some extra FastPass tickets from our Disneyland trip. One night, the Indiana Jones ride broke down before we could use the tickets, and on another occasion, we didn't feel like getting soaked on Splash Mountain and sloshing around the park for the rest of the evening (we saved the soaking for just before we left each night), so we didn't get to use our FastPasses, but packrat me didn't throw them away. Nope...I knew they'd find their purpose elsewhere, and they have!

Last night I looked at this photo of us in Anaheim in July and realized that the weather was incredibly cool compared to what we've been dealing with around here lately!  Hawaii is a tropical locale, but we don't usually have unbearably hot weather like this. That's not normal. The kids in our NON-air-conditioned schools have been wilting, along with their poor teachers.

This is hurricane season as well, and a pretty active one at that. My poor cousin's wedding was almost ruined by an impending hurricane, but luckily, it passed us by.  We weren't allowed to say the "H"-word to her all that week.

The day was a beautiful one, for so many reasons that had nothing to do with the weather.

That was such a wonderful day. :)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go sit in front of a fan and listen to my voice make cool sound effects while I continue to whine about the heat.


  1. oh this heart banner on the right side of the second page!!:) and I love the handwriting and arrows on the first! gorgeous!


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