Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday, Seething.

Sunday night already?! What happened to the weekend?

Today I had grand plans to get crafty; however, I spent my day in traffic. I went to drop off my daughter to meet with a friend for a few hours, which should have meant a 20-minute trip back home for me, but three hours later, I was stuck in traffic, just miles away from where I had dropped her off, so I ended up having to turn around to pick her up. The brilliant powers-that-be at the Dept. of Transportation thought that it would be a wonderful idea to do road construction ON A SUNDAY in an area known as a bottleneck and wait for cement to dry in the middle of a rainstorm.

Traffic seriously sucks around here.  If Oahu is in your travel plans any time soon, charter a helicopter to get from place to place, or bring a jet pack, as travel by automobile is just plain torture.

Since I spent my scrappy time idling in the car this morning and afternoon, I only had time to create one page before the sun went down today. :(  Waah. It's a sweet one, though, and I was happy to finally be able to dip into the new "Skinny Love" September kit from Scraptastic Club.

Erin Stewart (one of the Scraptastic DT members) and I are teaming up for this week's Pinterest-inspired challenge. We decided to take on this pin from Le Zoe Musings, which I originally saw posted on the Present and Correct blog.
I translated the idea of the "embellished" ice cube tray to a page that makes use of the many (many!) kitty-cat elements in the "Skinny Love" kit.
My cat is such a camera ham. ;)

Well, I wish I had been able to do more today...but I am glad that I was able to make at least one page. Maybe I'll be able to steal a little more time this week. Fingers crossed!

Have a great week! May the roads remain open for you.


  1. I love yellow so I'm in love with your layout and the design is absolutely gorgeous ♥

  2. Best page ever.
    Sorry to hear traffic sucked your scrappy plans. I wish I had a reasonable excuse for my lack of page productivity.

  3. ugh--sorry for your traffic problems, YUCK! I DO love the page--so fun!

  4. I love how you used the pin for inspiration. The layout is amazing, and we appreciate the effort that went into getting it finished. I live in a tourist area, and there is a little known road I can take to get around the worst of the traffic. No freeways here though!

  5. Awesome layout!! I love this kit too (even if I don't have cats!)
    And poor you for getting stuck in traffic for so long!