Friday, November 27, 2015

Ain't No Sunshine (and That's Fine!)

Rainy weather + cozy house + Scraptastic Club's "Ain't No Sunshine" kit and add-on = the ideal combination for scrappy productivity!

The first of my layouts is based on a sketch (see yesterday's Scraptastic "Sketchy Thursday" blog post). The sketch called for two photos and a tag, but I adapted it to accommodate four photos and lots of journaling.
Here's the full text of the journaling: 

Weddings are full of rituals and traditions, and one of the most common and revered is the first dance as husband and wife. The groom takes the bride by the hand, and as they sway back and forth to a ballad, the guests smile and comment on what a beautiful couple they make. At a Hawaii wedding, however, this lasts for all of 30 seconds, if that. Just a few steps into the dance, just a few beats into the song, another layer of sound distracts from the tuneit is the sound of hands rummaging through pockets and purses, of feet shuffling toward the couple. A moment later, before the song has even reached its first chorus, a long line has formed on the dance floor. Someone stuffs a ten dollar bill in the brides mouth and nudges the groom to fetch it out with his own. Red-faced, the groom drops it to the ground, from which the flower girl, giggling, plucks it up and places it in her basket. Now there is a twenty tucked behind the grooms ear for the bride to retrievewill she need to use her teeth?  Soon the crowd gets more inventive. Someone places a fifty in the brides cleavage, a ten in the waistband of the grooms trousers, a twenty in the brides garter.  The crowd revels in watching the couple contort their bodies in response to this tribute, this romantic and hilarious game of newlywed Twister, the money dance. 

My second layout documents a milestone. 
Yep, she's 18!  I can't believe it.

There is an abundance of yellow in this kit, and I am loving it, as evidenced by my third layout.
Needle and thread in hand, I stitched together a garland of accents down the left side of the page. 
I've had such a great time getting crafty over the past few days. Once I kick this turkey coma, I plan to get scrapping again soon!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

On Your Mark

A few days from now, it will begin.
Actually, based on the junk mail in my inbox, I'm pretty sure it's already beginning.

The holidays!

I've decided that they're going to be wonderful this year.

I'm not going to be stressed. I'm not going to be cranky. I'm not going to worry about money. I'm not going to hold my breath when in crowds as if allergic to humanity. I'm not going to mouth expletives in parking lots. I'm not going to lose my mind when the grocery store runs out of that one item upon which the entire meal hinges. I'm not going to shriek, "IT'S ALL RUINED!" when the dog lifts his leg and pees on the presents under the tree.

How am I going to do this without being medicated for the next month and a half?

I'm not quite sure, but I'll let you know how it goes.  I just want to enjoy the holidays. I want to savor them.

However, if National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation has taught me anything, it's to be wary of high expectations.

Maybe the secret is to just roll with it, Griswold Christmas and all.

I've already started the pre-holiday prep craft-wise.
I admit, I had to step back for a moment before I made this layout. Did I really want to be scrapbooking holiday-themed pages already? Once I started, though, I got into the spirit right away. 
I've also been preparing parts of my holiday album. This year I'll be working with the Scraptastic Club Stocking Stuffer kit. 
I'm loving the alphas in the kit! They number 1-31, and I had considered saving them to use on daily pages, but I couldn't resist piecing them together to create my title page. 
This year, my goal is to create a journal-heavy album. I love the paper and the frills, but the heart of any project is the story that it shares. 

I'm also going to allow myself room for experimentation and play. 
The "official" documentation begins this week -- I can't wait!  

Friday, November 13, 2015

Disney, Documented

If you thought I was done scrapbooking the photos from this summer's Disneyland trip, then you, my friend, thought wrong.  There are oodles of pics that I still haven't touched -- but with the completion of my most recent layout, I made a tiny, four-photo dent in the stash.
I don't really have a preference as to how many photos I use on a layout. Some might clutch at their chests whenever they see a one-photo layout -- "oh, so much wasted space!" -- while others regard multi-photo layouts as "too cluttered," but as far as I'm concerned, if you scrapbook the photos that make you happy, then you're using the perfect number of photos.

On this particular layout, that number was four. Together, from start to finish, the photos tell the story of our most memorable cast member encounter at Disneyland this summer.

You'd think that I was using some bright and peppy springtime or summertime collection here to document the moment, but nope -- I'm using Elle's Studio's Thankful and Joyful collections as well as the ES November kit, which contains lots of holiday elements.  Gotta love that versatility!

Thanks for visiting today!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Just One More...

Usually I make just one Halloween page each year, but this year, I am apparently on a roll! I blame the photos -- they just beg to be scrapbooked -- and all of the crafty goodies that have been calling to me.

Case in point: the Elle's Studio November kit (released today!) and the Halloween acrylic and foam shapes, which found their way onto this page featuring my favorite photo from October 31.

You can find more projects in the design team gallery at Elle's Studio. Thanks for visiting today!