Friday, November 13, 2015

Disney, Documented

If you thought I was done scrapbooking the photos from this summer's Disneyland trip, then you, my friend, thought wrong.  There are oodles of pics that I still haven't touched -- but with the completion of my most recent layout, I made a tiny, four-photo dent in the stash.
I don't really have a preference as to how many photos I use on a layout. Some might clutch at their chests whenever they see a one-photo layout -- "oh, so much wasted space!" -- while others regard multi-photo layouts as "too cluttered," but as far as I'm concerned, if you scrapbook the photos that make you happy, then you're using the perfect number of photos.

On this particular layout, that number was four. Together, from start to finish, the photos tell the story of our most memorable cast member encounter at Disneyland this summer.

You'd think that I was using some bright and peppy springtime or summertime collection here to document the moment, but nope -- I'm using Elle's Studio's Thankful and Joyful collections as well as the ES November kit, which contains lots of holiday elements.  Gotta love that versatility!

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  1. Love how fabulous your pages are -- you take something as simple as a grid design and make it so much more.