Sunday, May 29, 2016

Summer: Day 1

The Class of 2016 up and graduated yesterday, which means that for this teacher, it is now officially  summer break.

And I have no plans.

That sounds wonderfully liberating, doesn't it?  Days on end with nothing to do other than what I wish to do? No alarm clocks. No morning and afternoon traffic. No hole-in-the-dike inbox upkeep all day long. No monitoring anyone's behavior other than my own (unless you count that of my mischief-making dogs).

So why does the idea of two months without reporting to work actually sound bewildering to me at the moment?

I think I've become my routine.

Clearly I need this break.

Right now, I'm looking forward to lots of reading...
and lots (!) of scrapbooking...
the ICAD challenge...

and, weirdly (well, weirdly if you know me), lots of yard work, de-stashing, and cleaning...
and even lots of exercise -- all of the things that I don't get to do as often during the school year.

So how I did start my first day of summer?

By waking up at the crack of dawn thanks to the slurp-tastic tongue of my clearly attention-deprived dog, getting dressed in zombie mode, and heading out for coffee -- you know, same as always. Except today I noticed that the sky was bluer than blue, and I actually stopped to smell the gardenias, and when my cranky still-sleeping husband growled that I was up and about too early, I just laughed it off.

Summer: Day 1.  I'm ready.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Nearly-Summer Scrapping

Miracle of miracles, I'm actually keeping up with my month-in-review layouts. Here's April:
The title came about as a result of a handwritten title challenge on the Scraptastic Club blog. I wrote the title lightly in cursive using a watercolor pencil, cut around it, and then added touches of color using watered-down paint.
As a finishing touch, I stitched leaves across it. I love the springy feel. 

I just realized that this one of the least product-heavy pages that I have ever made. The grid patterned paper is from the Scraptastic Club Eloise kit (it's the B-side of the jewel-patterned paper), the title and journaling are on watercolor paper, and the only other supply I used was paint. Kind of uncharacteristic of me, huh? It's still a me-page, though. 

Just to prove that I haven't totally lost my mind, here's another layout that I recently created that uses more than three products. 
The combination of cardstock, vellum, letter stamps, alphabet stickers, patterned paper, journaling cards, and die-cut accents is definitely more in line with my usual approach. 
More layout details can be found on the Elle's Studio blog. 

Speaking of Elle's Studio, there's a new product release in the shop today!  Here's a glimpse at what you'll find.
There's also a new class being offered! It sounds like the perfect way to start the summer scrapping season. 
I know that one look at those images is likely to pull you away from my blog, but I'm cool with that.

Thanks for stopping by today! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May at Elle's Studio

Today's the day: it's the Elle's Studio May reveal! There's a whole lot of NEW in the shop and the gallery today.
I used the "AM" and "PM" cards from the May kit here, to help document a typical weekday for my daughter.
I drew the color scheme from the weekday tag: green, pink, and orange. It's not a combo I've used often in the past, but I do so love its freshness.

Thanks for visiting today!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Being Mom

I’ve never needed a day off from you, 
never felt the urge to run. 


Instead, I’ve always felt like there could never be enough days with you
before I would have to gather you up 
and release you to the wild wind, 

still tethered to me — 

my love, a kite string, 
you, the wonder in the sky,

one will tugging against the other 
until one lets go or breaks free. 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Happy INSD!

Happy International Scrapbooking Day! This is the first year that I've noticed the "inter" tacked on to NSD, and I'm all for the change. Some of my favorite scrapbookers are from Russia and Poland and Singapore and Canada and France. It's totally time to transform the Super Bowl Sunday of scrapbooking into the World Cup of scrapbooking.

How am I celebrating today? Guess.

My dogs woke me up bright and early, since they clearly understand how important this day is to me. My husband and daughter are fetching lunch for me. I'm about to start my next layout.

I love this day. ;)

As for the challenges and events going on at various sites, I've popped in here and there, but so far, nothing has really grabbed me. I think I'll just challenge myself today to do whatever I want on the page and to enjoy the process of doing it.

Off to scrap!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

These Days

May is all about the temporary.  It's a month in which beginnings coincide with endings.

Everywhere, pink and lavender and orange and white blossoms are bursting into bloom, and I love it, though I know it won't last.  The transitory nature of it all is likely why my eyes linger on every flower, every rush of color on the branch and the vine, in a desperate, nostalgic way, because even though all of that color and beauty seems so fresh and so immediate and so present, it starts to fade the moment that it appears.

The way that time moves shifts suddenly in May, each day tumbling forward and colliding with others in a succession of days that merge and press onward to the end of the school year.  The simplest routines can't hold up to the pressure: the students squirm in their seats, the teachers scramble to satisfy the last of the standards. Everyone is excited. Everyone is exhausted. Everyone is ecstatic that it is May. Everyone needs it not to be May any longer.

This is exactly why I am finding it so difficult to answer simple questions like, "How was your day?" or, "How's it going?" My face offers the most accurate reply: my eyebrows jump up an inch, my eyes widen and roll, and a not-so-sane laugh emerges from my mouth. These days don't exactly translate well to speech.

Still, I'm making an effort.
Working with symbols and writing in fragments makes it a little easier to offer up a snapshot of a typical day in May. 

It's honest. It's real. It's me, at the moment -- which is already quickly receding. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

It's May!?

Wow, what happened to April? That was fast, but I'm not complaining -- onward to summer!

Apparently April showers, though sparse around here, brought some May flowers to the Scraptastic Club kits.  I used them on my most recent layout.

A Cup of Tea is one of Kailua's treasures. Even though we go there only about once a year, it is always a treat.  This isn't the first layout I've made about the place. 

I guess that making a post-tea layout is now part of the tradition.  :)