Friday, July 8, 2016

ICAD 32 - 35

ICAD 32.  The prompt: "Zodiac." I attempted to stitch the constellation for my sign against a night sky and then got frustrated and started stitching wildly.  Behold! The reverse side of the ugliest ICAD card that ever was. Can you guess my sign? 

ICAD 33. The prompt: "Magic." This brought to mind the way that watching watercolors swirl into each other is not unlike watching cream that has just been added to a cup of coffee: it's magical. I played with various watercolor effects using the same color palette, and then cut the resulting cards and stitched pieces of them together. 

ICAD 34. The prompt: "Statue of Liberty." The words of Emma Lazarus, inscribed on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, seem especially powerful in the time of a refugee crisis. I wrote out her words and then cut them apart, signifying the divisive and fractious state of our citizenry with regard to attitudes about the treatment of refugees. 

ICAD 35. The prompt: "Sunflower." Remember back in the early 90s when sunflowers were a popular trend? Even though I'm fairly certain that I jumped on the bandwagon in some form (though not as avidly as a cast member of Blossom), methinks it's still too soon for a comeback. Thus, instead of taking this prompt literally, I opted to work with some sunny yellows and bright floral hues instead, gathering "petals" of circles and layering and stitching them.