Sunday, July 10, 2016

Not to Worry

Scrapbookers: we're all about documenting. We look to the past from the vantage point of the present in the hopes that a future someone will appreciate the stories that we tell.

Given that so many of those stories are often about our children, I suppose that it is fair to say that a common fear among scrapbookers is that we will somehow "run out" of subjects to scrapbook, that the stories will exhaust themselves once our children stop being children.


Even when our little ones grow up, there will still be stories to tell.  Just look at my "adult" daughter, still hunting for Easter eggs after all these years.
(More details about this layout can be found on the Scraptastic blog.)

I've witnessed far too many scrapbookers throw in the towel as their children get older. I don't want that to be me. When I'm empty nesting it, I'll still be scrapbooking, even if that means I'll be making pages featuring time lapse photos of the grass growing in my yard. I'll get more cats if I have to (and oh, yes, I have to) and create albums for each one of them. I'll make it work.


  1. My adult children want to see more L/O s about me. We still have a story to tell. Love your words!

  2. this is SO true, I have one going to college here in the fall and these were totally my thoughts--not giving up telling my family's stories!