Monday, September 12, 2016

This Stuff Matters.

Do you ever find yourself taking seemingly random photos, only to discover later, as you go through your photos, that there is actually a pattern to be found?

Recently I realized that I have a fair number of photos of doctors' offices. Apparently, as these doctors kept me waiting, I got a little antsy and decided to do what we scrapbookers do best: document.  So I documented the yearly physical...and the mammogram...and the eye exam. 

In looking at these photos together, it occurred to me that I had never created a layout about my attitude toward my health and doctors' visits. Sure, I've put together "pep talk" pages about changes in my diet or exercise habits, but I've never actually reflected on my view about seeking help from a professional when the moment calls for it. 

Quite a few of my family members have, in the past and present, avoided doctors until a problem became so serious that it resulted in major surgery, a chronic condition, a serious decline in the quality of living, or, sadly, death. 

As we age, health problems become scarier and more common, and the likelihood of a doctor saying something we don't want to hear becomes greater. That's enough to foster a pretty strong inclination toward denial. Still, I don't want to compound any problem by ignoring the signs. 
The "Stuff" Story Kit from Ali Edwards helped this layout along. The "good stuff/bad stuff" card prompted the journaling.  I'm kind of bummed about the alignment of the journaling, though. Everything was measured perfectly in my word processing program, but when I ran the card through to add the second column, the alignment of the paper in the printer was off, and the columns ended up too close together.  Ah, well...I forgive me. :) 
This chipboard sentiment pretty much sums up the page and the reason that I created it: this stuff matters. 

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  1. What a great thing to journal about! I think it's important to scrap some of these everyday feelings or experiences. I think your layout is excellent and found your topic inspiring! Thanks for sharing!