Monday, March 13, 2017

Jill Who?

I know, I know, it's been for-freaking-ever since I last posted.

I've been dealing with five back-to-back sinus infections since November, and it has had a serious impact on my productivity. I've been a mess, actually. It's been good for me, philosophically speaking, however. I've realized that when I'm healthy, I always take my health for granted; when I'm sick, I can't think of anything but wanting to be healthy again.  We all need to be reminded of our fragility from time to time. It keeps us humble. And grateful.

Right now, thankfully, I'm in the midst of a good week, and my creativity is returning. It also helps that it's spring break, and I'm getting lots of rest. Also, my ENT is a goddess, even if she does want to perform surgery on me eventually. Ugh.

Yesterday, I got crafty for the first time in about six weeks. I've never gone so long without creating something. I had absolutely no energy, and correspondingly, as if my body knew it had to devote all of its energy to trying to recover, my imagination shut itself off. Scary.

So when I finally started feeling better over the past few days, it felt so good to play with paper once again. My creativity came back in a gleeful rush. I set out to create a single card for Elle's Studio using the "Grow and Bloom" wood veneer sentiments, and I ended up creating three of them!
They're featured on the Elle's Studio blog today.
Thanks for stopping by today!