Monday, April 10, 2017

It's the 10th!

It's April 10, which means that it's time for the Elle's Studio monthly reveal. This time around, there are tons of new items in the shop, including a new kit...
new extras...
and a new collection, Live Laugh Love!
As for me, I've been enjoying creating with all of the above.
The Live Laugh Love collection shows up a lot here. I built this page on a large circle loosely cut by hand. I then broke the space into four quadrants, linking them all with the title block and repeated accents. I haven't stopped craving pecan pie since I created this page, incidentally. 
The woodgrain pattern from the Live Laugh Love collection makes another appearance here, this time on a page addressing a craving for beauty, in the form of flowers. I'm flower-obsessed, so much so that I have been breaking out of my usual indoors-existence to spend more time outdoors with them. 
More and more, I'm understanding why the "flower children" of the 60s were synonymous with love and peace. Every time I pass flowers, I want to grab the nearest person and insist that they just LOOK for a moment. All of the answers to our most important questions might actually be found if we spent more time being reverent, being still -- just being -- in nature. 

Can you tell I've been reading Mary Oliver lately? 

Thanks for visiting today! 


  1. What a marvelous kit and fabulous pages!! I love the journaling on the second page. It is funny but we don't have a lot of gravel around where I live but landscaped yards up the wazoo. Every year it is so fun to go to the farmers market or nursery to pick out annuals to plant in my boxes and in my front yard. I LOVE the array of colors and kinds. It makes me happy every time I pull in my driveway!!

    1. I wish I had more time for gardening. My yard aesthetic might best be classified as "overgrown jungle.' :)

    2. Aw Jill, I love your journaling. However, I always believe flowers live for the moment and should be enjoyed like that!! Pick em wear em smell em love em. their life is short, but sweet.