Monday, May 29, 2017

In My Shoes (Again)

"...Shoes are not merely shoes. Shoes, like any other clothing choice one must make every day, reveal something—inconveniently, maybe, but inevitably—about the wearer. "
-- Megan Garber 

Although Garber's words, in context, relate to her argument about wearing heels, they apply to all shoes.  What do my shoes reveal about me?  As someone who deplores shoe shopping, being the bearer of feet so large that they transform even the most elegant footwear into floppy clown shoes, I'm fairly certain that my shoes reveal a wearer who is more focused on function than form. 

I'm no Imelda Marcos or Carrie Bradshaw -- my shoes number in the single digits, and are limited to basic flats and sandals for work, heels strapped on (grumpily) once a year when I chaperone prom, fairly ugly but wonderfully comfortable slippers that are usually on my feet when the aforementioned pairs aren't, and these, which I should wear far more often than I actually do: 
These are high-stakes shoes, involving a choice: wear them with intention, or don't wear them and end up with regrets.  When these shoes are on my feet, it means I'm walking two miles or skipping to keep up with my dog's pace or pruning hedges or carrying yard trimmings to the bin. I sweat more in these shoes than in any other pair. I look my wildest, dirtiest, and most disheveled. But I also feel incredible when I wear them, because I know that in these shoes, I'm getting stuff done -- stuff that is good for me. Wearing them means that I am choosing to do the harder thing, the better thing, even when so many other options -- like coffee, Netflix, and butt-sitting -- tempt me.  
This summer, I'm really going to try harder to make healthier choices. Every time I try to do this, though, there are always so many factors that get in the way, the biggest of which is my own willpower. 
This layout serves as a pep talks of sorts, reminding me to put on those shoes and catch the sun...while I can. This isn't the first time I've featured my shoes (or my good intentions) on a layout -- and I'm sure it won't be the last. 
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