Friday, June 9, 2017

Getting There

I am so over this couch-dwelling existence; I can't wait until the doc gives me clearance to be fully active, and neither can my dog -- he was very sweet and calm for the first five days, but now he's going stir-crazy. He loves to nudge and bop his nose at us when he wants to play, and there have been more than a few near-misses with my nose over the past couple of days. 

On the bright side, I'm just a few cards away from being caught up with the ICAD challenge.  I don't mind being a little behind -- the psychological perks of being doubly/triply creative each day are quite nice, and are keeping the remote control from being hurled into a wall. I know that there are hundreds of movies and series from which I can choose, but seriously -- why is there nothing good on TV?

Here are today's sanity-preserving ICAD attempts: 
ICAD #5. The prompt was "Kawaii" or "Cute," which initially left me dumbfounded, but soon found me rummaging through my daughter's stash of cute stationery from Japan and Korea. Her room is a scary mess, but I managed to find what I needed. 

ICAD #6. The prompt was "Detour." It might as well have been "Story of my Life." I dipped a piece of string in the wet watercolors left over from the previous card and arranged it to represent the usual course that I take from point A to point B. 

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