Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Up for a Stash-Busting Challenge (Again)?

Two years ago, in the quest to chomp away at my stash, I, along with other scrappy folk and crafty hoarding types, embarked upon a stash-busting challenge, based on the Ms. Pacman challenge from a few years prior.  A little over a month ago, Kat Benjamin (@kraftkat9) reminded me how much fun we had with the challenge, and I agreed that we should revisit it -- so let's do it! 

The "rules" change a bit each time we repeat the challenge, but the gist is the same: compile your own kit based on the guidelines, and use that kit to create a minimum of three projects (layouts, cards, etc.). 

This time around, we will stick with most of the same kit contents from the previous challenge, with a few adjustments.

1. Eight pieces of patterned paper scraps, four specialty paper/"other" paper scraps, and two complete/unused sheets of patterned paper that you know you should stop hoarding and should just start using.
2.  No more than one yard of ribbon/trim; if you want to make this extra challenging, no individual piece can measure more than 11" in length. 
3. One sticker sheet, with a catch: at least one sticker must be missing from the sheet.
4. A pre-2015 alphabet set (the old challenge asked for a pre-2013 set, but since two years have passed, we can compensate for the time change).  If you don't have a set this old (or don't feel like doing the research to figure out if the set is pre-2015), aim for your oldest. 
5. One opened package/container of scrappy product.    
6.  One unopened package/container of scrappy product. If you don't have any unopened product, opt for an opened package/contained that has hardly been used, or the newest package of product that you added to your stash. 
7. One roll of tape (washi tape or other decorative tape). 
8.  One item or package of product from a company that no longer makes scrappy products (or that has not had a new release within the past two years) or one of the oldest items in your stash. 
9. Up to ten journaling and/or Project Life cards/tags (if you don't have individual cards/tags, you can cut them from a journaling-card-style patterned sheet or use a printable, if you wish). 
Two "wild card" items. Include anything you've been wanting to use (regardless of whether it is old or new, opened or unopened).  

11. A nearby item. Grab something from your desk or craft area that is within arm's reach. This will be fairly easy to do if you are a mess-maker like me. If you are super-organized and have no items within reach, then head for the nearest drawer or bin, close your eyes, and reach blindly. The item that you retrieve will be the final addition to your kit. 
As with last time, the kit includes unlimited cardstock, adhesive, and "technique-type product" (e.g. stamps, stamping ink, paint, mist, stencils, embossing powder, etc.).  
If any of the guidelines above are cramping your style, feel free to modify them so that you can be your best stash-busting self.  For instance, if you're in the midst of working on a project, and you realize something that isn't in your kit but in your stash would look great on that project, then go ahead and add it anyway. 

Accounting for the rummaging and scavenging time as we compile our kits, plus more time to create three layouts, let's aim to complete all three projects by August 31 at 11:59 p.m. EST.  If you can't make it by then, no worries, but if you can, I'll enter you in a drawing for a scrappy giveaway. Just be sure to share your three projects on Instagram (I'm @jillscrap; feel free to use the hashtag #stashbustingchallenge2017 when posting your images), the Get It Scrapped Community on Facebook, or your blog (post a link in the comments below). Feel free to split up the posts. 

I'll update with my kit pic soon! Once you've made your own kit, take a photo of it, and blog (and/or share via Instagram or some other form of social media) your list of kit items. Then get started on those projects. I can't wait to see what you create! 

Ready, set, go!


  1. This is such a great idea.
    Especially since most of my stash is pre-2010 (when I stopped being on Design Teams). I definitely need to be more scrappy!

  2. I loved the challenge. I posted mine on my IG and used the hashtag but for some reason it was blocked.

  3. This looks like so much fun. I hope you take up the challenge again in 2018.