Saturday, September 16, 2017

Scrapping Vicarious Travels

With very few exceptions, our family vacations are staycations, involving the couch, Netflix, and take-out. It's great, because the pets can join us, and we don't have to brush our hair for days. 

Of course I'd love for us to be able to take real vacations, but plane fair and accommodations for our entire family aren't exactly in our budget. However, both my husband and I really don't mind foregoing opportunities to travel in order to allow our daughter the chance to see the world. Her current location? She's in Italy for the semester, that lucky bugger!  

I may never get to Europe, but scrapbooking helps me to travel vicariously with her.
This past week on the Elle's Studio blog, a few of the DT members were challenged to use the new Foodie stamp set. I used a bunch of the words and phrases from the stamp on this layout, creating a border around the page. 
I had no idea how the layout would turn out when I started stamping, but I have to say, I love its busyness and energy, not to mention those scrumptious photos of Italian eats. 
You're as jealous of her as I am, right? 

1 comment:

  1. I love how your page turned out with all these stamps.
    (I have some ice-cream left in my fridge, so no, not jealous. Florence on the other hand...)