Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October at Elle's Studio

It's the tenth of the month, which means that over at Elle's Studio,  it's new release day! Check out the new kit...
new stamps and extras,
and even some Halloween-themed and fall-themed goodies.
The following layout was created with much of what you see above, plus items from the Family Fun collection:
One of my students snapped this photo to accompany an interview, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to use it on a layout. With her permission, I included it here, along with a "thankful for" list that shares just a few of the many things for which I am grateful as a teacher. 
The days of the week stamps came in handy here, as did the die-cut labels and the "Favorites" journaling card from the kit, which I cut to create additional labels. The background includes a green grid pattern from the Family Fun collection as well as a sheet ripped from an old gradebook. 
Thanks for stopping by today! 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Soccer Snapshot

While moving about half of the one thousand icons on my desktop into the trash bin this afternoon, I realized that I had never shared this Elle's Studio layout here: 
Though "athletic" is one of the last words you'd ever use to describe me today, once upon a time, I was actually one of the sports-playing kind of humans. This layout reflects on that era. My memories of my years on various teams are somewhat fragmented, which is why I chose a similar approach to the journaling. 

For a time as a teenager, I regretted not sticking with the sport, but in observing my friends who continued to play, I realized that though I am a competitive person in some ways, I lack a certain killer instinct. At some point the game became less about playing, and more about winning. 

I still play soccer from time to time with my dog, who always breaks the rules by sinking his teeth into the ball and running into the bushes with it. Clearly I have much to learn from him.