Sunday, October 1, 2017

Soccer Snapshot

While moving about half of the one thousand icons on my desktop into the trash bin this afternoon, I realized that I had never shared this Elle's Studio layout here: 
Though "athletic" is one of the last words you'd ever use to describe me today, once upon a time, I was actually one of the sports-playing kind of humans. This layout reflects on that era. My memories of my years on various teams are somewhat fragmented, which is why I chose a similar approach to the journaling. 

For a time as a teenager, I regretted not sticking with the sport, but in observing my friends who continued to play, I realized that though I am a competitive person in some ways, I lack a certain killer instinct. At some point the game became less about playing, and more about winning. 

I still play soccer from time to time with my dog, who always breaks the rules by sinking his teeth into the ball and running into the bushes with it. Clearly I have much to learn from him.  

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  1. I love this page!! The way you use color always astounds me!