Thursday, November 30, 2017

Two Decembers

Welp, I'm finally documenting LAST December, which means that my month-in-review project for 2016 is now complete. I kept up with it pretty well until that last doozy of a month.

Luckily, the most recent Elle's Studio kit and extras put me in the holiday mood and gave me just the push I needed:

At least it's done -- just in time for THIS December, which starts tomorrow. How did that happen so fast?

Maybe I've totally lost my mind, but I am going to return to documenting December with an album this year.  I've made holiday albums for years, but last year, I decided to break that tradition. I had my reasons, which mainly concerned time (and the lack thereof) and this gnawing feeling I had that the holiday album had become less about documenting the Christmas season and more about staging it.

So I'm doing December authentically this year. No compulsory content -- just real life as it happens. If it turns out that this means creating layouts about my third go-round of binge-watching Friends nightly (for the next few months, likely), my lack of a Christmas tree (again), my hilariously atrocious gift-wrapping "skills," and the end-of-semester pandemonium at school, then so be it.  I'm going to document the month first and foremost. Maybe that'll take off the pressure to make every freaking page merry and bright, and create some space for pages that reflect that one does not have to slip a little something into the eggnog daily in order to make this December album thing happen.

I'm going to December the heck out of this album. Just you wait.


  1. Love, love all these pages. Somehow you always manage to get so much on the page. When I try it looks one hot mess!
    I can't find September's page, can you point me to where it is Thanks

    1. Hi Melanie! September's page was used in an Elle's Studio sketch class. All that I could share on the blog was a peek. I think it was this class: Sorry about that!