Saturday, December 30, 2017

Holiday Album? CHECK!

Today, I completed the last of my holiday album pages, until the album was bursting to full. 

Because I had to squeeze the last of the pages into the album,  the documentation halts at the 25th instead of the 31st. Apparently I didn't need to complete a page for every day in December -- if I had, I would have filled this thing halfway through. I really have much preferred to focus on highlights and observations instead. There's very little predictability to the process this way, and each page takes on a life of its own. 
Not only is the dachshund paper on the left is my favorite wrapping paper this year (or maybe ever), but it is also the only roll of wrapping paper that I purchased this year (from Anthropologie -- on sale). I used the last of it here, stitching loops over it (one of the perks of working with small pages). 
Messy (read "charming") stitching appears often in the album, such as over this hilarious card from Paper Issues, which I've been holding on to since November, precisely so that I could add it here. 
Although I spent last night working on pages, it wasn't until this morning that I realized what I had to do before I could say that I was done: paper collages. Lots of paper collages. This is the first of several that I made, using stitched-together scraps -- yet again, my hoarding of scraps is validated. 
Because Z was in Italy for the first part of the month, I documented two different December experiences. Her December kicks my December's butt. 
I also documented December from my dogs' point of view. 
As for the pages dedicated to our Christmas tree, I confess that we didn't make it very far past the lights stage this year. For the past two years, we've just put up lights and a handful of ornaments, and stopped there. Usually, my trees are covered in ornaments. Still, a tree is a tree, and the most important part of it is that amazing smell. 
The highlight of the month for me was finally having Z home. Everything instantly felt merrier with her there to celebrate with us. 
Within days of her return, we were going Christmas shopping and making cookies and fudge with Grandma. Z also tried pizza for the first time since last having it in Italy, and as you might imagine, she wasn't impressed. 

Then suddenly it was Christmas Eve -- which doubled as Thanksgiving for us -- and Christmas Day. 
One last page...
and DONE! 

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